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Alton Youth Symphony Audition Requirements

Scales, Strings: *Violin, Viola, Cello C, D, & G Major (2 Octaves) *Bass C, D, & G Major (1 Octave)
Scales, Woodwinds/Brass: All Instruments – C,G,D, & F Major (1 Octave)
Scales, Percussion: Played on a mallet keyboard instrument – G, D, & F Major (1 Octave)
All Instruments: Solo/Etude that demonstrates strength and abilities.
All Instruments: Sight reading that will be given at the audition

Chamber Group Audition Requirements (Strings ONLY)

Scales: *Violin: C, D & G (2 octave) G Major (3 octave) * Viola/Cello: G &D (2 octave) C Major (3 octave) * Bass: C, G, & D (1 Octave)
Solo or Etude: *Piece should demonstrate strengths and abilities
Sight Reading: *Given at audition
*Student must be an active AYS member in good standing with consistent or perfect attendance, positive attitude, hard worker, responsible, prepared and able to follow directions.


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