How to Join AYS

AYS has three different groups that students can perform with. Junior Youth Symphony, Youth Symphony, and Chamber Ensemble. All groups are free to play in!

Auditions for the Youth Symphony and Chamber Ensemble are held twice a year, in September and January for new members. All returning members are required to re-audition in August. All auditions are held in the Ringhausen Building on the campus of Lewis and Clark Community College (5800 Godfrey Rd., Godfrey, IL, 62035).

Junior Youth Symphony

This group requires no audition and is perfect for string students that have been playing for a year or two! To register click here to register. Registration closes on January 7, 2024.

Alton Youth Symphony

This group is for all instruments and requires an audition. Most students in this group are in a school ensemble or have 3 or more years. Below are the audition requirements. To sign up for an audition click here.

Scales, Strings: *Violin, Viola, Cello C, D, & G Major (2 Octaves) *Bass C, D, & G Major (1 Octave)
Scales, Woodwinds/Brass: All Instruments – Concert Bb Major, Concert F Major, Concert C Major, Concert G Major (1 Octave)
Scales, Percussion: Played on a mallet keyboard instrument – Bb, F, C & G Major (1 Octave)
All Instruments: Solo/Etude that demonstrates strength and abilities.
All Instruments: Sight reading that will be given at the audition

Chamber Ensemble (Strings ONLY)

This group is for strings only. Students in this group have a more rigorous audition requirement and will also be part of the Alton Youth Symphony group. Below are the audition requirements. To sign up for an audition click here.

Scales: *Violin: C & D (2 octave), G Major (3 octave) * Viola/Cello: G &D (2 octave) C Major (3 octave) * Bass: C, G, & D (1 Octave)
Solo or Etude: *Piece should demonstrate strengths and abilities
Sight Reading: *Given at audition
*Student must be an active AYS member in good standing with consistent or perfect attendance, positive attitude, hard worker, responsible, prepared and able to follow directions.


Fall Member and Chamber Auditions will be scheduled on:

Friday 1/6/24 – 6:00pm – 8:00 pm
Saturday 1/7/24 – 10:00am – 12:00 pm

Alton Youth Symphony Fall 2023 Member and Chamber Audition/Registration Form

Alton Junior Youth Symphony Spring 2024 Registration Form
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(No Audition Necessary!)

You will be thrilled by the things you’re going to learn here, you will be challenged, and best of all you’re gonna have fun!

Joseph Cacciottoli, President
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